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Easy Holidays

Holsboer Vacations has an Alliance with Easy Holidays, offering affordable timeshare holidays to our guests. You can view the resorts available for our use on the Resorts by Region menu above.




TIMESHARE FAQ’s – Please read before you request a booking!


1.    What type of resorts can I book at through Holsboer Vacations?

You can book at any of the Holsboer managed resorts or you can choose to use our affiliation to Easy Holidays, to access their extensive timeshare portfolio.


2.    Where do I find out information on my desired holiday resort or destination?

A list of these resorts is available on the Holsboer website, or for more information, you can visit the Easy Holidays website directly at


3.    Is my time slot and resort request guaranteed?

All accommodation is subject to availability, it is always best to:

a.    Have a few regions or resorts available when you contact reservations

b.    Be flexible with regards to your time request

c.    Always book well in advance, especially when it comes to peak season


4.    Who do I speak to when I want to make a reservation?

Contact the Easy Holidays Member Services department on 0861 003 279 or complete the online request form and you will be contacted with availability. Alternatively email for assistance. We recommend however that you use the online request form.


5.    How is my reservation confirmed?

Once you have made your holiday choice and confirmed this in writing with Easy Holidays, Holsboer Vacations will be in contact with you in connection with your payment and booking confirmation


6.    Can I book for 1 nights’ accommodation?

Unfortunately, you may not book accommodation for a night or two, timeshare accommodation is owned in one-week modules, you may therefore only book a full 7 day holiday. Many timeshare resorts allow us to split the full week into a midweek (Mon > Fri) and weekend (Fri > Mon). During school holidays (peak season) a full week may not be split into midweeks and weekends.


7.    What is the cancellation policy

View the timeshare cancellation policy HERE


8.    How many people can I take on holiday with me?

Accommodation is available in a variety of sizes, your reservations consultant will advise of availability and which is best suited to your needs. Please note that resorts will under no circumstances allow the maximum occupancy to be exceeded. Guests in excess of the unit occupancy will, unfortunately, be turned away.


9.    I am a pensioner, do I qualify for a discount?

Pensioners now get a 50% discount on midweeks booked at Easy Holidays.


10.  Can I book an overseas vacation?

Yes, contact an Easy Holidays consultant on 0861003279 to assist you with your request – international exchange fees will apply.




1.    Make sure you are familiar with the booking process and rules.

2.    Call Easy Holidays on 0861 003 279 should you wish to make TIMESHARE RESERVATION

3.    You can also email Easy Holidays at to make a timeshare reservation or complete an online reservation request (Timeshare resorts only). We recommend you utilise the online reservation request form.

4.    Call Holsboer Reservations 0112955404 should you wish to make a reservation at one of the HOLSBOER MANAGED RESORTS or complete an online reservation request (Holsboer Resorts only)

5.    When you call through, please make sure that:

  • You have your ID number and Nedbank staff number ready
  • You have a selection of resorts and/or regions on hand in case your first choice is not available
  • Make certain of the number of occupants you will be taking on vacation with you

6.    Once you have made your vacation choice, your Member Services agent will guide you through the booking confirmation and payment process




Resort Classification

Resort Classification

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Make a Booking Enquiry